Jul 112010
Who is Israel

When the Bible speaks of Israel, what does it mean?  Is it a land, an ethnic people, an individual person, a political nation, or a group of mixed ethnicity defined by God in scripture?  Which is it, or is it all of the above?  To some extent we could say Israel is all of the above, and we would be right.  This broad definition brings many problems to understanding scripture and thus the world in which we live. Lets begin by reminding you of the informal fallacy of Equivocation (click the word for my article on it.)  It is obvious […….]

Jul 012010
What about Intelligent Design Anyway?

Is Intelligent Design that big of a deal?  Maybe.  Or, maybe not!  When it comes to believing in God or Jesus it may help some over their hurdles, but to some it may not matter.  Being a believer in a designer is a far cry from being a Christian.  I see I’ve not posted anything for quite a while.  It’s a combo of lazy and busy, like most of us.  Well the busy and lazy continue but here is something I posted on another site that I thought about recently.  Enjoy the interviews.  I think you’ll like this guy though […….]