Jul 102011
Looking at Rand's Ideas Part One

  Yes, the ‘Rand’ is Ayn Rand.  The atheist, selfish, capitalist, free market, anti collectivist, merciless etc…  Don’t like her?  Well that doesn’t really matter here.  I’m looking at ideas and maybe I won’t even express hers accurately.  I’ll take a little piece at a time.  I’m interested to see if (though an atheist) her broader views are compatible with scripture.  I think they are.  Lets begin where she would, I think, with first principles. Rand was a great fan of Aristotle.  Each volume of Atlas Shrugged was named after principles he basically codified.  ‘Non-Contradiction’, ‘Either Or’, and ‘A is […….]

Apr 022011
Is God Wasting My Time?

  “God told me so.”  “It was shown to me in a dream.”  “I feel lead to…”  “He told me audibly, I could hear Him.”  “I just feel in my spirit…”  “God is trying to tell me something.” How many times have you heard or read things like those above?  How are Christians supposed to take things like that? Are those quotes biblical?  Lets look at it a little.  What are people really saying when they say such things?   I’ve heard things like this all my life and from some surprising sources too.  I’ll tell you right now, I […….]