This is my site. I'm basically a Christian, Husband, Father, Neighbor and in that order. I'm a thinker, how well I do at it is for others to decide. I drive a truck delivering gas for a living and spend most of my time listening to downloaded audio on my favorite subjects. It is mostly these that spark my articles here.

Jan 202010

Hey, just noticed it’s almost been a year and my welcome post was a bit out of date.  You see the date of the post.  That’s when I got started here.  Come in and make yourself at home.

My favorite topics are all those things that get you in trouble in a bar; religion, politics, philosophy, etc..etc.  I believe they are the most important things we can talk about.  Feel free to participate in anything you read.  I only ask that you keep to the subject, do your homework, and provide evidence for your view.  Disagree if you like, but don’t be disagreeable while doing it.

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