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2012 (2)
  • %Mon ↔ What Do Ya Got (2) (Philosophy, Politics)
  • %Sat ↔ There is No Government Like No Government (0) (Philosophy, Politics)
    I know, it’s scary, isn’t it. Well stop your rushing mind and just think about it. Do we really need someone else (the state at any level) telling us how we should live? I know you don’t, but do I? Most of us think we could get along with others just fine but we have a much lower view of some of the others among us. They… they are the ones who need governed. Just drop that for a bit and see if they couldn’t be governed even better in a different way.
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  • %Sat ↔ Fig Trees, Israel and 1948 (4) (Religion)
    Does the parable of the fig tree in Mat 24 tell us that Israel would become a nation again in 1948? Shall we see what some real dispensational "experts" would say?
  • %Thu ↔ Destined for a Reality Check (2) (Logic, Religion, Video)
    How many times have you heard someone say something about creating our own reality or destiny? You know, “reality is what we make it,” or “don’t you know, we create our own destiny.” I cringe a bit when I hear that these days. Sure there is a bit of truth in the clichés but it’s a tiny bit. If taken to heart and lived by those clichés can lead to disaster. They definitely lead to a misunderstanding of how the universe REALY IS.
  • %Sun ↔ Who is Israel (0) (Religion)
  • %Thu ↔ What about Intelligent Design Anyway? (0) (Religion, Science)
  • %Sun ↔ Replacement Theology in Thomas Ice? (2) (Logic, Religion)
    Not only does Thomas Ice have it backward, I believe a closer look will show him either very careless or very dishonest!
  • %Thu ↔ Ambiguity and Equivocation (2) (Logic)
    Bottom line….Never fail to NEGOTIATE TERMS. Stop when ambiguous language is used and clarify. It saves so much time, confusion and aggravation.
  • %Wed ↔ Weasel Words an Informal Fallacy (0) (Logic)
    I just read an article that made me think of this form of fallacy. The author labeled a form of theology with a tag that is only used by it's opponents. The label is, "Replacement Theology."
  • %Sat ↔ Appeal to Ignorance (0) (Logic, Philosophy)
  • %Tue ↔ Red Herring (2) (Logic)
    The Red Herring is probably the most common error made in discussions, arguments, and anywhere one argues for a view. There are several types of Red Herrings and I'll try to cover some of them here. Lets begin by asking, what is a Red Herring?
  • %Fri ↔ Orson Wells ‘Freedom River’ a Parable (0) (Politics, Video)
    70's style cartoon about America and loosing our freedom. Story by Wells
  • %Thu ↔ Logical Fallacies (a brief intro) (6) (Logic)
    Many times when I consume editorial or intellectual media, I come across an argument that seems valid, at first glance. Often, even though I may agree with the position, the arguments used are not good ones.
  • %Tue ↔ The Law of Non-contradiction by Dr. Ron Nash (0) (Logic, Religion)
    Great free lecture from a class on Christian Apologetics. Learn much more at Placed on this blog as I begin to talk about logical fallacies in future posts.
  • %Thu ↔ Moral Dilemma or Relativistic Murder? (0) (Philosophy, Religion)
    I heard this on Stand to Reason’s podcast last fall and its been eating at me off and on since then. I think Greg got it wrong. What do you think?
  • %Wed ↔ Must the Pulpits Be Silent?? Video (0) (Politics, Religion, Video)
    For The Record!! Does your pastor have to remain politically silent? Check out this video and tell me what you think.
  • %Sat ↔ Rethinking Dawkins, by a non-Christian Scientist (0) (Religion, Science)
    Tired of all those poor and humiliating Christian arguments against Atheism? Check out this guy!
  • %Wed ↔ Hello All! And Welcome (5) (Uncategorized)