Dec 092010

How many times have you heard someone say something about creating our own reality or destiny?  You know, “reality is what we make it,” or “don’t you know, we create our own destiny.”  I cringe a bit when I hear that these days.  Sure there is a bit of truth in the clichés but it’s a tiny bit.  If taken to heart and lived by those clichés can lead to disaster.  They definitely lead to a misunderstanding of how the universe REALY IS.

Fist lets look at the claims.  I’ll use reality and destiny and universe in the examples but the ideas are interchangeable.

1.  I make my own reality.

2.  I make my own destiny.

”I make” is the same as saying “I create.”  That’s pretty simple.  “My” means it belongs to me or, it is part of the universe I live in and I’m responsible for it, or have control of it etc….  By stating that it’s “mine”  I’m either stating that it is not yours or that I created part of your universe as well, or that even you are my creation.  Here is where things get twisted up.  If I create my universe (reality and destiny,) then you have no power over it and therefore, you can’t create anything in it I don’t want, even though your in it and I claim you can do the same as me.  Now we have a creative power struggle over the universe.  Unless of course, we each have our own universe and there is no one else “really” in it that we didn’t create or don’t control.  The only folks who think they escape this paradox is those who think nothing is really “real.”  But, they sometimes are fond of making the two claims above also.

So we can see right away how absurd the idea is.  But, is absurd all that it is?  “I make” assumes that, I am.  Not a problem for me, I think that I am, that is, that I exist.  When we combine “I Am” with “I create” and that thing we created is reality and destiny then,  we’re getting a bit close to declaring, “I am God?”  Call it what you will but something that creates reality and destiny is by definition a god even if that isn’t the noun you want to use.

The ways that people claim to escape claiming to be a god when they believe they create their own reality/destiny, are varied.  Usually though, it comes down to redefining what is real and what is destiny.  That’s fine too but then, what deep thing have they REALLY said in their claim if reality and destiny don’t REALLY mean what most people think (quite correctly) they mean?  That’s what I meant by the tiny bit of truth in the claims.  It’s so small that it renders the phrases rather un-spectacular, next to saying nothing almost.

How does this nonsense work itself out in the world and does it matter?  Well…, it varies.  Some just say things like that and move on like a lot of us and don’t really think about it.  Others outside of the Church live by it and think it works.  Just watch Oprah.  I’m not doubting the effects of “positive attitude” but man do some go overboard with it.  You get the same effects with goal setting, focus, hard work and follow through.  I didn’t need to buy anyone’s book or attend a seminar to know that.  Haven’t seen any of these folks stop murder or war yet.  So much for creating your own reality.  Maybe they like having tragedy in their reality, they must if they believe their mantras.  Surely some guru could have fixed it by now if it were possible to be done that way.  Or, maybe there is no tragedy in their world, just in the one the rest of us live in.  That is after all, an angle some of them take.  Nothing is really tragic or even bad so why change it….COP OUT when your creative, reality making  “power” doesn’t work.

However the Church has it’s own version of this.  It goes by many names but, “Word of Faith” is the most recognized.  Now again, don’t get me wrong, God can do anything he wants.  He frequently does it through the faith of believers in prayer and action.  The word of faith movement though actually puts the power of faith and words in our will.  We say the words in faith that have the power to bind God to do our will.

In either case (the Christian or non-Christian versions) when you can’t “create” the destiny or reality you want both sides see you as the problem.  You’re not “visualizing” it enough or some such nonsense.  You’re not praying hard enough.  You don’t have enough faith.  You didn’t follow the right formula.  What ever!  These excuses have had tragic results from depression to suicide among both camps, when someone doesn’t “create” what they want or in some cases need to survive.  “What?  It worked for me.”….The thought comes, “I’m a failure, forsaken, hopeless.”

If either side wants my money and attention (money does seem to be a big motivator in and out of the Church.)  Stop telling me, you created wealth or happiness, or you healed your headache or bunions.  Go create a reality in a hospice ward and clear it out!  Make a reality where the veteran grows back an arm or leg.  Empty a graveyard!  Right now in some little room some where in the world, there is a person plotting to change your reality and destiny.  Did you create him in your reality for your/our destiny?  If so, do us a favor and positive think him away.  Pardon me if I don’t hold my breath.

There is a solution to all this.  Try realizing God is on the throne and created all destiny and reality.  The best you can do is try to figure that out and live by it.  You could start by stopping thinking you have that kind of power.