Mar 272010

Posting this one today because it is short and easy.  This fallacy is also know as the “argument from silence” or it is sometimes said a person is “arguing from negative evidence.”

Basically it goes like this:  I’m right because you haven’t proven me wrong.  Or it’s the other way around.  In other words the proposition is true because there is no knowledge (ignorance) of any refutation.  With the argument from silence the lack of refutation usually comes from within a piece of literature.

For instance: “Jesus didn’t eat meat because the bible doesn’t say he did.”  I really enjoy exploring that one, when it is brought up.

Well there you have it, short and simple.  Okay, I’ll tell you how I react to the above assertion.  I would say different things depending on the company (like ya do,) but here is a list of responses.

1.  Explain the fallacy of the Argument from Silence.  Duhh

2.  “Sooo….Jesus had really long toenails.?.?”  The bible doesn’t say he cut them.

3.  “He stunk most of the time too I suppose.”  It doesn’t tell of very many times that he bathed.

4.  “I bet he had a hard time breathing, with never blowing his nose and all.”  You can go on forever with the personal hygiene quips.  Does the bible mention TP?