Jan 232010

Tired of all those poor and humiliating Christian arguments against Atheism?

David Berlenski, though he is a fellow at the Discovery Institute, is not often accused of being a Christian. And, no I’m not saying ID=Christian or vice versa, I’m saying this man is not a Christian by his own admission. A quote from him at the linked wiki about his relationship with intelligent design (his field at the institute:) “warm but distant. It’s the same attitude that I display in public toward my ex-wives.” This humor makes him a good interview. So far I’ve heard two. In the STR podcast (beginning at the second hour) and in the ID the Future Interview, Berlenski sheds excelent and humorous light on the problem with the “new scientific atheists,” while talking about his new book, “The Devil’s Delusion.” There is a great two min or so monologue on the authors site.

As a secular scientist he appears to have had enough of people like Dawkins spoiling the reputation of the science that he loves, hence the name of his book. He loves poking a finger in their eye whenever he can and he is quite good at it. I think the book would probably be a good read.

Something I remember from the STR interview, I’ll paraphrase. What is the origin of the universe? Answer: something. Hawking is a brilliant physicist but though he claims the universe comes from nothing he writes a book full of explanations of the something (the singularity) it all comes from. Everyone and every scientist knows the answer to this question is simply, something, from the scientific perspective.

Check him out, if your interested in a non-Christian response to the new atheists.