Jan 202010

Hey, just noticed it’s almost been a year and my welcome post was a bit out of date.  You see the date of the post.  That’s when I got started here.  Come in and make yourself at home.

My favorite topics are all those things that get you in trouble in a bar; religion, politics, philosophy, etc..etc.  I believe they are the most important things we can talk about.  Feel free to participate in anything you read.  I only ask that you keep to the subject, do your homework, and provide evidence for your view.  Disagree if you like, but don’t be disagreeable while doing it.

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  • Curtis

    Just testing to see if this comment will post to facebook? Will the facebook comment be fetched here and in order?

  • Curtis Sibbit

    Now lets see if the blog will fetch the comments and how it looks there.

  • Curtis Sibbit

    Kewl it posted the comment from the blog now we’ll wait to see if these go there and in order.

  • Christi Tabbert

    Got the post. So I do read facebook pages in spurts. Sometimes I’m not on for days sometimes I’m on everyday. It seems to be linking up for you.

    • Curtis

      Thanks for coming Sista. I appreciate the feedback. I thought my facebook posts from here were visible only to me, till I worked out the buggs. Guess thats another bug I’ll have to work out. Feel free to stick around and fill me in when you see something new, it helps me a lot.

      Love Ya,